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This Life and These Times of a Madhouse

1 January 1964
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I was born and I'm still alive...

I have been many things in my life; pot head, soldier, fry cook, photographer, husband(twice and loving it the second time around), father, Mormon (though still honoring their teaching no longer "active"), Witch (currently VERY active hence the not active Mormon), and (like the beat) the list goes on and is ever increasing.

There were several stops in my life before ending up where I am now in Seattle. I've lived in Oregon, Alabama, Louisana and Utah as well as a year in my way back youth in Germany (my dad was in the Air Force). I've also worked several jobs from the US Army, Mcdonalds (but who hasn't), making beef jerky, portrait photographer, designer and sales person for public restroom toilet partitions and currently in the wireless communications industry working the the quality assurance team.

Currently I am involved with writing, Tarot, photography, Pagan culture, a custody fight (lost) and learning to allow a broader definition of love. I am straight but not narrow feeling that love should be experienced and shared regardless of gender, age (with the exception of course of LEGAL age of consent!!) or even marital status if ALL parties are aware and approve of arrangements.

Things I'd like to do before, or as part of, moving on to the next stage of my life is write and attempt to publish a book, teach my Craft to a new generation and explore wild life photograhy. Travel I can live with out though seeing some of the ancient South American ruins as well as Egypt would really be a highlight in my life!